It's time to come home where we sing and dance, where the heart does smile. Give me a hand and we will make a stand. Into the new dawning, where the rolling hills, will blend our heart, to be paradise again. We are part of the sacred Rainbow, the Clan that does know the way! Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy, we make a new land *•♫♪♪♫•* come join my hands!

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Blossoming Petals of the New Dawn (inspiration)

Blosssoming Petals of the New Dawn "Our Inspiration"

Every day I know of you, but you cannot see me. What is the world coming to, that you do not know of me. Have you had enough of this, please tell me so you do. For when the mighty takes his hand, we shall only know. But faithful lead us tenderly, the meek above the rest, I know my life has to take a stand, the only way to show. But if you do not know your way, I will reach upon a star. I will find you chase you, come up, behind and tell you we are going home.

My brother sister, can't you see, I am the one who knows. I have my heart upon my sleeve, but can't you even know (very long note). We come again again and again, to learn the way of the road, but do we tarry evermore, to find the will of the show. Can we lift arms to take a stand? Will we find the helping hand? My brother sister I tell you true, we are the commanding show. Give up your thoughts of foolishness and begin to unravel the way. It is not true, that you must be sad, when the show is turning the other way. We are together you and me. We are the true and blue. We are the family, that I love you, the ones who give the show (very long note).

My family everyday I long to have you in my arms. But you turn away, when I command the way, for your hearts do not know of the show. WE are a planning to run away. Don't you want to come along. It will be those who wait and wait away, who do not know the flow. WE flow (long note) and flow, we never really know, the places that we've been, the places we hold dear. So keep the faith until the day, when showers will expose, the tender hearts of every one, the ones who steal the show.

Sow break free and fly away with me. Break free and know the way. The way of heaven I embrace, the love of the loving way. Keep faith my friend I know the way. Keep heart my friend, be true. The day will come when I'll need you then, so help me keep the blue (family). We are the faithful I endure, the knowing of the way. We plant the seeds of everyday, within the hearts of the gold. Have faith my few who know the blue, you are the twin (stars) of me. WE are on the way to everyday, the love of the heavens way. Keep true my blue, I know it's you. The one I belong to. We are the ones who will steal the show. So join us at the school. We are the ones who fly. WE are the ones who seek, we are the ones who know the way. Hold my hand my friend, I will not let go my friend, we are on our way.

So sing high and mighty everyday, Lift your voices and proclaim. That god has come into our lives and we must show the way. We are happy to serve you each and every day, if we could only find your heart, but many have tucked it and hid it away, so I don't know what to say. But if you let me, love you, I truly will, be kind to you, I will always be true. I am the love of a woman and mother too. The kind that's always true. WE are the same one family, the blue of you and me. We are the happiness we deserve, if we could only choose. So fly free and know the wind. The blessings of every breeze. Fly high and know the way. The glowing and devoted way (long note).

We are the heaven's on return, the place we all came from. But don't you know, we are always here, if you turn and look my way. WE are true to you, if you let us in. We will love you don't you know. But you often turn away, when we come close to you, thinking that we do not know the way. But we do (long note), know the way (long note). We do (long note) know your hearts thats blue (sadness, family). We do know you need us so, so why do you turn away? I am here, all you have to do is look my way. I am here, don't you know it's me.

She is our blossoming petals who always knows the show, but longs to be with the whole, she needs to know you are with her, so she may find her way.
Aho ah. (Spirit fly with God of Oneness)

My beloved Blossoming Petals, our hearts join you and know you are not alone, for the heart's gathering and elders who plan the Deers Great Migration,, the twin stars family will hold your hand all along the way.

Sacred Four Directions and Garment of Light

For our Beloves Aqua person, Blossoming Petals of the New Dawn, our Inspiration as she manifests the Golden Angel Warrior!
Aqua (eldest light expression), Rainbow (cosmic parent), Yellow (outer layer) is the dreamer who sees the future, Grey (Grandmother center-the place we all share our dreams awake or asleep.

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